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Hello, there!

I believe in MOMENTS, moments that are lost in our never-ending chase against the time. Many times over I hear people say, if they could have only captured it, before it was too late. This is my main reason why I love photographing weddings, to witness and preserve the birth of a NEW FAMILY filled with love, joy and happiness. I am always deeply honored to be given the chance to encapsulate those moments into timeless memories!

Only a handful of images have been preserved from my childhood that have been so closely studied and memorized by me. I wished so many times to have had images taken with grandparents that are no longer here, to have photos of moments that I can barely remember, and to have more memories from my past that have been erased with time. Now, being a photographer, I freeze moments, so my clients can enjoy them for many generations to come!

On the most important day of your life, every instance and every detail of it will be photographed without much intrusion. A variety of one-of-a-kind candid, authentic and timeless images will show your day from multiple vantage points and make you re-live your special day many times over. I will be guiding you when necessary, but most importantly I want you to remember how much fun you had and you enjoyed your day.

Besides photography, I love the Love of my Life, coffee in the morning, dark chocolate and tomatoes!

Give me a call and let's talk about YOUR DAY over a cup of coffee. Looking forward to being your photographer and friend!

Yours truly, Lazzat!

Photo by Angelita Esparar Photography

"Lazzat, is the best! She makes you feel super comfortable and her pictures turn out awesome. She has a real eye for art!" - Jessica+Brad, wedding 02.14.2016

"During your own wedding, you are so stressed and so happy and so emotional that you can't even see your whole wedding:) but thanks to all the pictures that Lazzat took, I can live again and again my amazing day. Lazzat has something that every photographer should have, the passion of capturing any moment , any emotions! " - Virginie+Bryan

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