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The Cabbage Patch Restaurant is located in the heart of Historic Downtown Snohomish, the "Antique Capitol of the World". The restaurant offers delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner choices in a turn-of-the-century atmosphere. Like dining in yesteryear, the Cabbage Patch prides itself on providing the quality, portions and fresh ingredients that one would have received fifty years ago. The Cabbage Patch Restaurant's charming decor features antique furniture and artwork by renowned local artist, Jim Davis. Many of the antiques and paintings in the restaurant are available for purchase.

The beginning of Cabbage Patch Restaurant & Catering

Sondra McCutchan The Cabbage Patch began serving Snohomish residents on June 15, 1975 and quickly became one of the most popular dining experiences in the valley; its antiques and home-like atmosphere embodying the celebrated Snohomish spirit. The house, dating back to 1905, has also been a residence, a boarding house and an antique store containing Native American artifacts. Sondra McCutchan (photo, right) became the new owner of the Cabbage Patch on February 1, 1978. In those early years, Sondra's Aunt Joan lived upstairs and baked seven days a week, turning the already popular Millionaire Pie into such desserts as the famous Raspberry Cream Pie and Peanut Butter Pie. In its history, the Cabbage Patch has tripled in size from its original thirteen tables. The newer areas include the Garden Room, kitchen, upstairs dining room, and the quaint Fireside Lounge.

You can reach Ms. Sondra at (360) 568-9091 or

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