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Cedarwood Meadows is a wedding and event venue situated on a peaceful, quiet, country setting of 5 acres. They are within minutes of the wine district in beautiful Woodinville, Washington. They are nestled amongst towering cedar trees, which is surrounded by beautiful landscaped areas and gardens full of blooming flowers and shrubs. You can have as rustic, or as elegant a wedding as you desire, it’s all yours to choose, Your Event, Your Way, Your Style, making your special day a memorable moment in time. There is plenty of room for badminton, croquet or frolfing (Frisbee golf).

Cedarwood Meadows can easily accommodate up to 200 people. They are open June through September. Reservations are taken as days are available up to 18 months in advance.

You can reach Megan Johnston, Owner/Operator at 206.604.6199 or CedarWoodMeadows@hotmail.com  www.cedarwoodmeadows.com

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